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Pro Talk | Valentine’s Day Grooming Tips

If you’ve got a date lined up this Valentine’s Day (yay, you!) here are a few tips from celebrity hairstylist and educator Franco Vallelonga to make you look like a total right swipe IRL too. Remember, you can never go wrong with a classic, clean-shaven look for a date – especially if you’re meeting someone new. “It’s best to trim your facial hair and exfoliate your skin a few days before the big date. Shave the evening before, and then again the next morning,” recommends Vallelonga. “Moisturise with a soothing facial oil to prep your skin before a shave,” he adds. Oh, and between impressing your date with some standout moves on the dance floor and posing for endless selfies, things can get pretty sweaty. Opt for an anti-perspirant instead of a deodorant and invest in a travel-sized bottle for easy reapplication. And if you deal with oily skin, your face is bound to get shiny – so carry a small pack of blotting paper for a quick mid-evening refresh.