GarnierGarnier Men AcnoFight Face Wash and Garnier Men TurboBright Double Action Face Wash

Garnier Men AcnoFight Face Wash and Garnier Men TurboBright Double Action Face Wash

"""Pimples are mainly caused by germs and an excess of oils in the skin - but fortunately, there are ways to keep up the everlasting fight against these germs without eating up too much of your precious time! Acno Fight Face wash is designed to fight 99.9% of pimple-causing germs in 10 sec, using a combination of natural ingredients* like salicylic acid and herba repair, it makes sure that your skin does not become dried out or irritated in the process. In fact, it even lightens spots that may have been left behind by previously defeated pimples. The result when used twice a day is soothed, fresh, pimple-free skin with a healthier glow. This face wash from Garnier Men works like most others on the market - but if you are not already familiar with applying face washes, read on to learn how it works! Face washes should be used on wet skin, making them ideal to use immediately after showering or shaving. Spread some of the face wash on your hands and massage gently into the skin, avoiding the eye contour. Rinse immediately with lukewarm water, dry carefully with a towel, and you're all set! For best results, use the facewash twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. The TurboBright Double Action face wash from Garnier Men, previously known as PowerWhite, is the brand's first facewash with 2 separate textures. The black half of the formula is enriched with charcoal which absorbs pollution present in the skin, while the white half contains icy clay to improve the skin's glow. When you mix the striking black-and-white formula and apply on the face, the formula exfoliates the skin and combats dullness, meaning that your face feels bright and healthy straight away. Double Action formula with black charcoal and icy clay complex.The face wash both removes dust & pollution and reduces skin’s dullness.The perfect fit for busy men who would like to improve their skin care routine without extending the time needed! Are you ready to get that brightening glow away from all the dust and pollution the world leaves you with? """