Phalak kohliMust-have products for long & luscious hair

Must-have products for long & luscious hair

Gubb Paddle Brush for hair styling The Gubb paddle brush is a must-have for any girl's beauty bag. This brush is the perfect tool to create the perfect blowout, smooth hair and define curls. It has two different brushes on one handle, which allows you to use different textures on your hair at once. The flexible bristles allow you to apply heat or cold depending on your desired outcome. You can also use this brush for detangling, styling and smoothing your hair. 2. St. Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Mask Moroccan argan oil has been used as a remedy for centuries to treat everything from dandruff to skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. It's rich in antioxidants that help repair damaged cells, preventing them from turning into scar tissue and helping your hair grow stronger and healthier over time. The best part? You can use it on dry or wet hair — just massage a generous amount into damp hair before blow drying or curling, then rinse out when finished styling! 3. The L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Serum Smoothing The L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Serum Smoothing is a great product to repair and smooth your hair. The serum is light weight, non greasy and easy to apply. It has a pleasant scent and leaves your hair feeling soft and silky. I love that it's a serum so you don't have to worry about applying it to the roots of your hair. You can apply it anywhere on your scalp or even on top of dry shampoo for extra conditioning. This product is an amazing value for the price because it will last you forever! You only need one pump each time you use this product and if you've been using this as part of your daily routine then that means you're getting great results from just one bottle! So, what are you waiting for? Try these products today and see how it substantially changes your hair!