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Trending | Skincare Steps To Reduce Dark Circles

The bags under your eyes are Channel, honey, but it’s time we get rid of those, don’t you think? Here are some skincare steps you can take to get rid of those dark circles that always makes you look tired. 👀 Wash your face with a deep cleansing foaming face wash. This will penetrate deeper into your pores to get rid of any sebum or dirt. Now that you have a clean base, let’s give your eyes some extra love, eh? 👀 Apply some hydrating undereye patches and leave them on for 10-15 minutes. These help soothe the thin skin of your under eyes and de-puffs them in the morning. 👀 Follow it up with an undereye brightening cream that is rich in antioxidants like vitamin c and actives like retinol to combat that pigmentation 👀 Apply a skin brightening cream or night gel before bed to boost some glow back into your skin