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Trending | Beauty Sins: Layering Actives


Overcome the 10 sins of beauty with us. With social media and skincare experts, we’ve all come to love actives and their wide array of skin benefits. But sometimes it can be difficult to draw the line between effective layering and over-layering. While layering some actives together is a good thing, if you over-do it, it can also lead to skin problems like breakouts, dryness, sensitivity and even burns. Too much of anything is bad, so, we’re here to give you some quick yet effective active layering tips to help you avoid this exact issue. Here are some actives that are BFFs: 🌟 Retinol + Squalane = Age-defying, plumper skin 🌟 Niacinamide + Vitamin C = Hyperpigmentation cure squad 🌟 AHAs/BHAS + Hyaluronic Acid = Pore minimizing with intense hydration