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Trending | Euphoria-inspired Glam

Still can’t get over Maddy, Kat, and Jules’ iconic looks from Euphoria? Well, neither can makeup artist Swati Daga. Here’s how you can recreate this eye look ☝🏽 step-by-step: 👀 Start by priming your eyelids 👀 Define your crease with a brown eyeshadow 👀 Spend some time blending it out for a diffused, seamless look 👀 Draw on a wing with dark brown eyeshadow and an angular brush 👀 Layer a shimmery green shade onto your eyelids 👀 Define your lower lash line with a green eye pencil 👀 Add lots of volume to your lashes with mascara 👀 Take your look up a notch by sticking on some gems to frame your eyes Want to know our fave products to ace this look? Add these to your cart ASAP 👇🏽🛒