Aishwarya MenonSkin care preparation for long-lasting makeup | 2 products for glowing skin!

Skin care preparation for long-lasting makeup | 2 products for glowing skin!


Good skin care preparation is the key to looking flawlessly made up and camera-ready from sunrise to sunset. This helps with moisturization and prevents wrinkles, but it also gives foundation something to grab onto, making makeup last all day. Get your hands on these two skincare products to create a flawless base! First one is, Dot & Key Watermelon Super Glow Pore Tightening Toner, made with natural ingredients like witch hazel and aloe, contains skin-brightening enzymes that gently remove excess oils to leave you with poreless, radiant skin. This formula's key ingredients, watermelon and hyaluronic acid, are super effective for tightening pores and brightening skin Second product is, Dot & Key Skin Bright Face Serum that boosts skin tone and fights dark spots with an exclusive combination of lactic acid and niacinamide. The texture of the serum is gentle enough for use on the whole face and creates a bright, dewy effect that tends to last all day. The reason I love them is because they address all of your skincare concerns and help maintain that fresh-faced feeling, even on the busiest days. Skin care products help create unexpected changes in your personality—and positive changes in how you feel. Start telling a brighter, bolder story today by prepping the skin right and putting flawless makeup!