Gargi2 products for silky smooth hair | All you need for silky smooth hair

2 products for silky smooth hair | All you need for silky smooth hair

Let's be honest: we all want silky smooth hair, but not everyone knows how to achieve it. Right? I found the perfect solution—it won't cost you much, and you can buy it today on Tata Clix! To get silky smooth hair, you need to use both the L'Oreal Paris Hyaluron Moisture Hydra Filling Night Hair Cream and the L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil. The first product is a cream for you to use before bed because your hair develops its maximum strength and smoothness while you are sleeping. It has a hydrogel texture that sinks into your hair strands without leaving a film or weight. It also gives you the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. This lightweight oil serum does not contain alcohol, and combats dryness (from blow drying and daily pollution)—so you can wake up with soft, silky locks. With intensive moisture, this shampoo gives long lasting hydration. The oil serum extends the effects of styling, so your hairstyle lasts for days. When used together, they smooth and fortify your hair while improving its texture and making it healthier looking. Use this combo to provide an extraordinary amount of hydration to ensure that you wake up with soft, shiny hair.