Lovechild by masaba100% Cellulose Aloe Fiber Sheet Masks

100% Cellulose Aloe Fiber Sheet Masks

Vegan, Sulfate-free, Cruelty-free & Paraben-free skincare by LoveChild for healthy skin to recover from fatigue, stress, pollution and everything that our lifestyle does to it! Make the most of the goodness of serums in 100% Cellulose Aloe Fiber Sheet Masks. Take a look at the three variations for a positive glow boost & hydration burst, for de-tanning & de-puffing, and a brightening bomb that also combats acne! - Like Coffee For Your Skin - 100% Cellulose Aloe Fiber Sheet Mask: LoveChild ‘Like Coffee For Your Skin’ sheet mask is soaked with the goodness of Ethiopian Coffee to instantly reveal your natural glow. It helps combat acne, de-tans & de-puffs skin which feels like an irresistible hug in a mug. Time to indulge in that caffeinated high with this finest skin-vestment that’ll help add a burst of refreshing vitality to your skincare routine. - Like Your First Date - 100% Cellulose Aloe Fiber Sheet Mask: Ever meet someone & the two of you just undeniably click? LoveChild ‘Like Your First Date’ sheet mask drenched in the goodness of Vit-C & Hyaluronic acid feels like the smile you wear after that first date. Pamper yourself with the ultimate ‘me time’ skin-vestment that gives you an extra shot of care. The goodness doesn’t end here! This delightfully refreshing sheet mask fights all major signs of aging while the nourishing formula penetrates each & every pore to unmask thoroughly dewy, glowing complexion in minutes.. - Like A Fresh Start - 100% Cellulose Aloe Fiber Sheet Mask: Hit the reset button with LoveChild ‘Like A Fresh Start’ sheet mask infused with the goodness of Niacinamide & Salicylic Acid. Zap that zit & give a major boost of hydration that delivers supercharged brightened skin. Indulge in this finest skin-vestment for the love of a clean slate.