koyalMust-have fragrances | fragrances to feel refresh all day

Must-have fragrances | fragrances to feel refresh all day

If you have yet to experience the wonderful feeling of a well-groomed and refreshed self, then it is time for you to check out these must-have fragrances. These fresh scents find the perfect balance between freshness and sensuality, to awaken you with a new energy every day. 1. Plum Body Lovin’ Trippin’ Mimosas Body Mist Mimosa is a sweet and juicy fruit, which makes it perfect for summer. It’s also known as a “nature’s candy” due to its sweet smell and flavor. Mimosa has a light floral scent that is so refreshing and energizing. This mist contains natural ingredients like organic aloe vera, witch hazel, cucumber extract and organic passionfruit oil that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. 2. Plum Body Lovin’ Orchid You Not Body Mist If you’re looking for an uplifting scent for the day, then Orchid is the one for you. It’s a fresh blend of linden blossom, tuberose absolute, white amber and patchouli essential oils that will make you feel like spring has come at last! This mist is packed with anti-aging benefits such as anti-aging cream, moisturizer and body butter all in one bottle! London Notes by Newu Hello Sunshine Body Mist This body mist has a beautiful blend of exotic flowers that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. It's got notes of black pepper, ginger and cinnamon in it, which are all known for their energizing effects; perfect for when you need to get out there and have fun! Try out for yourself and see how energetic and lovely you’ll feel.