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Spotlight |Just Dropped Farmacy Beauty


Ting, you have a new skincare drop! If you’ve been looking for that one holy grail moisturiser lately, it’s the Honey Halo Ultra Hydrating Ceramide Moisturiser from the clean skincare brand, Farmacy. Farmacy Beauty is known for their clean, conscious, farm-to-bottle skincare. With science backed formulations, the products feature ceramides, antioxidant-rich honey, actives like AHAs and BHAs. Their products are like a plate of healthy, green food but for your skin. If you want your skincare routine to match your environmentally conscious lifestyle, then Farmacy Beauty deserves a spot on your shelf. The gentle formula keeps your skin clean, plump and glowing. Have you added it to your cart yet? If not, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Pick from Farmacy Beauty’s bestsellers: