Go to Me Tab -> My Shopping -> CLiQ Cash -> Add Gift Card. Enter your 16 Digit Gift Card number and 6-digit Pin Number. The balance of the Gift Card will be added to your CLiQ Cash account.

Go to Me Tab -> My Shopping -> CLiQ Cash -> Add Top Up. You may top-up CLiQ Cash by available online payment methods at Tata CLiQ Palette App.

You can use CLiQ Cash across Tata CLiQ Palette website or app to buy any products.

You shall be able to use CLiQ Cash as a Payment method available at the checkout for all Products unless there is a product based CLiQ Cash restriction you are having. Gift Cards and CLiQ Cash Top Up cannot be done by payment with CLiQ Cash.

You cannot redeem CLiQ Cash for Cash. CLiQ Cash is also not allowed to be transferred to Bank, Wallets, or other users accounts.

CLiQ Cash can only be used to purchase products at Tata CLiQ, Tata CLiQ Palette and Tata CLiQ Luxury App or Website. It cannot be used to purchase or pay for anything on other websites.

Yes, CLiQ Cash requires a Tata CLiQ Palette account.

Go to Me Tab -> My Shopping -> CLiQ Cash. There, you will be able to see the CLiQ Cash Balance amount.

CLiQ Cash cannot be transferred to other Tata CLiQ Palette users accounts.

CLiQ Cash account may be suspended or closed if your Tata CLiQ Account is suspended or closed for any reason.

Your CLiQ Cash account is still active. You may re-install the Tata CLiQ Palette App or login on the Tata CLiQ Palette website to access your account at any time.

Your CLiQ Cash account stays active, however please note that every credit transaction into CLiQ Cash comes with an expiry time, at which a part or full amount from your CLiQ Cash will expire. The user shall be sent a reminder about the expiry of the CLiQ Cash in advance.

The refunded amount of these returned items shall be added to your CLiQ Cash account. In case it does not you may have to contact our Customer Service.

Yes, you may use other pre-paid payment methods available to pay along with CLiQ Cash. However, the money shall be deducted from CLiQ Cash first and the remaining amount can be paid through other available online payment methods.

For example: The Product Value in Cart is Rs 7000 and the balance in CLiQ cash account is Rs 5000, then Rs 5000 will be debited first from CLiQ Cash account and you have to pay the remaining Rs 2000 by any pre-paid payment mode.

No, you have to use the full CLiQ Cash amount if the product value is lesser than the total CLiQ Cash amount and you have chosen to pay through CLiQ Cash.

For example: The Product Value in Cart is Rs 7000 and the balance in CLiQ cash account is Rs 8000, then full of Rs 7000 will be debited from CLiQ Cash account if you chose to pay by CLiQ Cash.

If user has CLiQ Cash balance, then it is up to the user to use it, however if CLiQ Cash is being used then the order value will first be taken from CLiQ Cash and the remaining order value, if any, shall be paid by other available online payment method.

There is no validity of CLiQ Cash account, however there is validity to the individual Gift Cards that you receive as part of CLiQ Cash account. Gift Cards can be of the following types:

Add Gift Card – Add balance from the Gift Cards you have received from friends or bought yourself.

Refunds – Gift Card balance that you receive as part of refunds for products bought and returned on Tata CLiQ website.

Promotional – Gift Card balance you receive as part of promotional campaigns or cashbacks from Tata CLiQ.

For each credit to CLiQ Cash, you shall see a corresponding expiry date for the balance. Please ensure that you use the amount before expiry, after that it shall lapse.

Faster Checkout – Use CLiQ Cash for quickest & instant checkout.

Fastest Refund Mode – Get refunds instantly post successful pick up which takes 3-4 days through other refund modes.

You may use all the Prepaid instruments available at the Tata CLiQ Palette App or Website.

However, Cash on delivery, International Cards, Gift Cards are not acceptable modes of payment for the top-up of CLiQ Cash. The acceptable payment methods shall be visible to you at the checkout.